In addition to more than 300 performances annually that include subscription concerts, operas, ballets, broadcasting performances, and CD recordings, the Tokyo Philharmonic pursues educational and creative outreach programs such as the “Power of Music for Kids & Family” Concert every summer.

We believe in the “encounter with real things.” Our multi-disciplinary programs emphasize experiences that incorporate the joy of “expressing yourself” and enriching society in multiple ways that involve the “Power of Music,” enriched with different genres of arts, such as dance, story-telling, and visual arts.

Examples of our educational programs include:


Singing in chorus with the Tokyo Philharmonic.Performing with the Tokyo Philharmonic.

In the Tokyo Philharmonic’s Music Appreciation Class, normally offered as a part of school events, we build creative programs around specially selected repertoire from children’s favorite tunes to big symphonies. Our goal for these programs is to make an impression that lasts for years, for example, by collaborating with the school bands, orchestras and chorus clubs, and performing special orchestrations of school anthems and other favorites.


Tokyo Philharmonic musicians with students.Experience the principles of how sound is created.

The Tokyo Philharmonic’s professional musicians visit your school to provide intimate insight on the principles of making sounds with musical instruments, and coaching on how to play them. By providing such opportunities to feel classic music close to you, we strive to enhance understanding and appreciation of music within culture and arts.


Experience the joy of conducting an orchestra.A brass quintet.

The Tokyo Philharmonic is renowned for making every performance a world class performance. We bring this quality in any size ensemble to schools and organizations in settings large and small, formal and very casual. It is an ideal opportunity for corporate internal or CSR events.

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Joining the orchestra with your family.Let’s play with musical instruments!
A moment to experience real music art.A concert welcoming the audience to join the performance.

The “Power of Music for Kids & Family” Concert is the culmination of the Tokyo Phil’s educational support programs, consisting of workshops and outreach activities mentioned above, and a grand finale concert punctuated by various creative elements. Other educational programs feature the theme of welcoming the audience to join the performance.

Music can touch your heart beyond race or nationality; it is a world language. An orchestra is most empowered to shoulder this social responsibility. Today, as society changes dramatically and the importance of corporate CSR gains greater recognition, the significance of Tokyo Phil's activities in relating “economic” with “cultural” is the realization of social wealth.

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