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Bunkamura Orchard Hall

Bunkamura Orchard Hall

The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra's partnership with Tokyu Bunkamura Orchard Hall began in 1989, the first such partnership between an orchestra and a concert hall in Japan. Located in a lively center of youth culture, Bunkamura was also Japan's first large scale multipurpose theater complex, encompassing music, theater, visual art, and film, on par with the world's great "shoe box" hall, such as the Musikvereinssaal in Vienna, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, and Symphony Hall in Boston. The high flat ceiling and supporting walls produce a rich and stately sound field. The gorgeous foyer, serene auditorium, and comfortable intermission spaces promise full enjoyment of the lingering emotion of performances.

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Establishing close relationships with Bunkyo Ward, Chiba City and Karuizawa Machi, the Tokyo Phiharmonic presents educational and cultural exchanges with these municipal bodies, including subscription concerts, family concerts, classical favorites concerts, music workshops for children, master classes for music students, and workshop to communicate with residents.

Bunkyo Ward, TokyoBunkyo Academy Foundation official website

Historic concentration of the Edo government’s academic organizations, such as Yushima Seido and Shoheizaka Gakumonjo (training centers for the Tokugawa shogunate and domain officials), Bunkyo ward, often called “Literary Bunkyo,” fostered a concentration of literary culture as well, including such luminaries as Soseki Natsume, Kenji
Miyazawa, and Ogai Mori. While located in the center of Tokyo and accessible to many other areas with six railroad lines, it has a number of tranquil residential settings with traditional Japanese gardens, such as Koishikawa Botanical Gardens and Rikugien Gardens. The Tokyo Philharmonic presents outreach programs for elementary and middle schools in the area in addition to regular concerts.

Chiba City, Chiba PrefectureChiba City Foundation of Cultural Promotion Official Website

Located in the center of Chiba Prefecture, Chiba City combines a variety of sports, cultural, commercial and industrial facets.? Its numerous facilities include the main headquarters of Chiba Lotte Marines (baseball), the Jeff United Ichihara soccer), and Makuhari Messe convention center, providing full cultural services for its million citizens.

Karuizawa, Nagano PrefectureKaruizawa Ohga Hall official website

Karuizawa Machi, located 1000 meters above sea level in the eastern part of Nagano, with an yearly average temperature as low as Hokkaido, is well known as a resort for summer and other seasons. As soon as you step out of the Karuizawa station after one hour bullet train ride from Tokyo, you will find yourself surrounded by fresh clear air.? Sounds of nature, like a prelude to the concert you will attend, makes you feel fantastic.? The town government has been reinforcing educational/cultural activities such as founding a junior orchestra.

Nagaoka, Niigata PrefectureNagaoka City Foundation for Art and Culture Promotion official website

Located in the center of Niigata Prefecture on the gently flowing Shinano River, Nagaoka thrived as the castle town of Nagaoka Han in the Edo Era, surviving many wars and battles, and is now Niigata's second most populous city. It is famed for "the spirit of 100 bales of rice," in reference to deciding to establish its educational system by selling a badly needed donation of rice they received, rather than consuming it, following the devastation of war at the beginning of the Meiji Era. Nagaoka is also known today for its human resource development, progressive urban planning (as seen in City Hall Plaza “Ao-re Nagaoka” and “the Station of Child Care”) and promotion of its local art and cultural activities.


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