• Myung-Whun Chung

    Honorary Music Director
    Myung-Whun Chung

    Born in Seoul in 1953. Myung-Whun Chung won the silver medal at the Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition in 1974. After completing conducting studies at the Juilliard School in 1978, he served as assistant and subsequently associate conductor to Carlo Maria Giulini at the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Since his appointment as...


  • Andrea Battistoni

    Chief Conductor
    Andrea Battistoni

    Born in Verona in 1987, Andrea Battistoni is a rising star conductor with an international reputation as one of the most important of his generation. In 2013 he was appointed First Guest Conductor at the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genova with a three-year engagement for two operas and two symphonic productions a year. In 2015 he was named Principal Guest Conductor of the Tokyo Philharmonic, and he became Chief Conductor in ...


  • Tadaaki Otaka

    Conductor Laureate
    Tadaaki Otaka

    Tadaaki Otaka was born in 1947 in Kamakura, Japan. He studied at Toho Gakuen School of Music under the famous professor Hideo Saito, who taught such distinguished conductors as Seiji Ozawa and Hiroshi Wakasugi, before continuing his studies in Vienna with Professor Hans Swarowsky and Professor Spannagel...


  • Kazushi Ono

    Conductor Laureate
    Kazushi Ono

    Described as “one of the most fascinating musical minds of our era” and “a phenomenon” (Le Figaro), Japanese conductor Kazushi Ono has held the position of Principal Conductor of Opéra de Lyon since the start of the 2008/09 season and is also Conductor Laureate of Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and Principal Guest Conductor...


  • Dan Ettinger

    Conductor Laureate
    Dan Ettinger

    Dan Ettinger had been Chief Conductor of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (TPO), starting April 2010, and has been Conductor Laureate of the TPO, since April 2015.He is the General Music Director of the Nationaltheater Mannheim, the Principal Guest conductor of the Israel Symphony Orchestra and ...


  • Mikhail Pletnev

    Special Guest Conductor
    Mikhail Pletnev

    Mikhail Pletnev is an artist who cannot be classified in one word. Known as a genius and one of the greatest pianists of our time and also as conductor and composer. Born in Archangel, Russia in 1957. Awarded the 1st prize and Gold Medal at renowned Tchaikovsky Competition in 1978 when he was 21 years old....


  • Min Chung

    Associate Conductor
    Min Chung

    Musical Director of Gangneung Symphony Orchestra, South Korea, from January 2022, Associate Conductor of Tokyo Philharmonic, Principal Guest Conductor of Haydn Orchestra of Trento and Bolzano.. A very successful tour with Haydn Orchestra was in Asia in 2019 which will be repeted in Japan in 2023....


  • Norio Ohga

    Permanent Honorary Member and Conductor Laureate
    Norio Ohga

    January 29, 1930, born in Sennbon Matsubara, Numazu City in Shizuoka. In 1959, he graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music and furthered his study in the Diploma course of the same university. In that year, he made a debut as a soloist (baritone singer) at an NHK Symphony Orchestra subscription...


Conductor List of TPO Concert (Curriculum Vitae as of Aug. 2012)

  • Arthur Fagen

    Arthur Fagen

  • Arild Remmereit

    Arild Remmereit

  • Ashray Lawrence

    Ashray Lawrence

  • Anu Tali

    Anu Tali

  • Argeo Quadri

    Argeo Quadri

  • Alberto Ventura

    Alberto Ventura

  • Alberto Erede

    Alberto Erede

  • Alberto Zedda

    Alberto Zedda

  • Alberto Leone

    Alberto Leone

  • Alexander Vedernikov

    Alexander Vedernikov

  • Antonin Kuhnel

    Antonin Kuhnel

  • Antonello Allemandi

    Antonello Allemandi

  • Andrew Litton

    Andrew Litton

  • Andrea Battistoni

    Andrea Battistoni

  • Anton Guadagno

    Anton Guadagno

  • Jiri Pinkas

    Jiri Pinkas

  • Vaclav Neumann

    Vaclav Neumann

  • Victor Feldbrill

    Victor Feldbrill

  • Wilfried Boettcher

    Wilfried Boettcher

  • Wilfred Lehmann

    Wilfred Lehmann

  • Wolfgang Bothe

    Wolfgang Bothe

  • Vladimir Valek

    Vladimir Valek

  • Vladimir Fedoseyev

    Vladimir Fedoseyev

  • Uri Segal

    Uri Segal

  • Erich Binder

    Erich Binder

  • Eduardo Muller

    Eduardo Muller

  • Okko Kamu

    Okko Kamu

  • Othmar Maga

    Othmar Maga

  • Ondrej Lenard

    Ondrej Lenard

  • Carl Caelius

    Carl Caelius

  • Karl Martin

    Karl Martin

  • Garcia Navarro

    Garcia Navarro

  • Grant Llewellyn

    Grant Llewellyn

  • Kristjan Jarvi

    Kristjan Jarvi

  • Christoph Eschenbach

    Christoph Eschenbach

  • Christof Escher

    Christof Escher

  • Christopher Hogwood

    Christopher Hogwood

  • Kurt Woess

    Kurt Woess

  • Constantin Trinks

    Constantin Trinks

  • Jerome Kaltenbach

    Jerome Kaltenbach

  • Justin Brown

    Justin Brown

  • Jacques Delacote

    Jacques Delacote

  • Jean-Baptiste Mari

    Jean-Baptiste Mari

  • George Barati

    George Barati

  • John Bernett

    John Bernett

  • Stanislaw Wislocki

    Stanislaw Wislocki

  • Zdenek Kosler

    Zdenek Kosler

  • David Geringas

    David Geringas

  • Daniel Harding

    Daniel Harding

  • Dan Ettinger

    Dan Ettinger

  • Myung-Whun Chung

    Myung-Whun Chung

  • David Atherton

    David Atherton

  • Terence Lovett

    Terence Lovett

  • Nicola Rucci

    Nicola Rucci

  • Neville Marriner

    Neville Marriner

  • Neeme Jarvi

    Neeme Jarvi

  • Heinrich Hollreiser

    Heinrich Hollreiser

  • Pascal Verrot

    Pascal Verrot

  • Hans Joachim Kaufmann

    Hans Joachim Kaufmann

  • Hans Loewlein

    Hans Loewlein

  • Hans Walter Kampfel

    Hans Walter Kampfel

  • Hugh Wolff

    Hugh Wolff

  • Fabio Luisi

    Fabio Luisi

  • Frantisek Vajnar

    Frantisek Vajnar

  • Friedrich Haider

    Friedrich Haider

  • Peter Schwarz

    Peter Schwarz

  • Peter Schneider

    Peter Schneider

  • Jesus Lopez-Cobos

    Jesus Lopez-Cobos

  • Bertrand de Billy

    Bertrand de Billy

  • Berislav Klobucar

    Berislav Klobucar

  • Herbert Kegel

    Herbert Kegel

  • Helmut Wolf

    Helmut Wolf

  • Hellmut Wormsbacher

    Hellmut Wormsbacher

  • Helmut Fellmer

    Helmut Fellmer

  • Paul Meyer

    Paul Meyer

  • Jose F. Vasquez

    Jose F. Vasquez

  • Manuel Galduf

    Manuel Galduf

  • Marius Constant

    Marius Constant

  • Marin Alsop

    Marin Alsop

  • Marc Albrecht

    Marc Albrecht

  • Marc Soustrot

    Marc Soustrot

  • Manfred Gurlitt

    Manfred Gurlitt

  • Miguel Gomez-Martinez

    Miguel Gomez-Martinez

  • Michel Plasson

    Michel Plasson

  • Michel Queval

    Michel Queval

  • Mikhail Pletnev

    Mikhail Pletnev

  • Michael Boder

    Michael Boder

  • Mstislav Rostropovich

    Mstislav Rostropovich

  • Jacek Kaspszyk

    Jacek Kaspszyk

  • Janos Kovacs

    Janos Kovacs

  • Janos Furst

    Janos Furst

  • Jaap van Zweden

    Jaap van Zweden

  • Janusz Przybylski

    Janusz Przybylski

  • Jan Krenz

    Jan Krenz

  • Yuri Bashmet

    Yuri Bashmet

  • Jukka-Pekka Saraste

    Jukka-Pekka Saraste

  • Johannes Winkler

    Johannes Winkler

  • Reinhard Peters

    Reinhard Peters

  • Radomil Eliska

    Radomil Eliska

  • Rico Saccani

    Rico Saccani

  • Wonsik Lim

    Wonsik Lim

  • Louis Langree

    Louis Langree

  • Ludovic Morlot

    Ludovic Morlot

  • Rudolf Krecmer

    Rudolf Krecmer

  • Rudolf Barshai

    Rudolf Barshai

  • Reynald Giovaninetti

    Reynald Giovaninetti

  • Leopold Hager

    Leopold Hager

  • Ronald Zollman

    Ronald Zollman

  • Roberto Benzi

    Roberto Benzi

  • Vasily Sinaisky

    Vasily Sinaisky

  • Walter Taussig

    Walter Taussig

  • Kazuyoshi Akiyama

    Kazuyoshi Akiyama

  • Takashi Asahina

    Takashi Asahina

  • Shunji Aratani

    Shunji Aratani

  • Taijiro Iimori

    Taijiro Iimori

  • Yoshiya Ishibashi

    Yoshiya Ishibashi

  • Hiroyuki Iwaki

    Hiroyuki Iwaki

  • Michiyoshi Inoue

    Michiyoshi Inoue

  • Masahiko Enkoji

    Masahiko Enkoji

  • Eiji Oue

    Eiji Oue

  • Shuya Okatsu

    Shuya Okatsu

  • Naoto Otomo

    Naoto Otomo

  • Kazushi Ono

    Kazushi Ono

  • Yoichiro Omachi

    Yoichiro Omachi

  • Tadaaki Otaka

    Tadaaki Otaka

  • Hisatada Otaka

    Hisatada Otaka

  • Yuki Kakiuchi

    Yuki Kakiuchi

  • Nobori Kaneko

    Nobori Kaneko

  • Toshiyuki Kamioka

    Toshiyuki Kamioka

  • Kentaro Kawase

    Kentaro Kawase

  • Yoshinori Kikuchi

    Yoshinori Kikuchi

  • Seikyo Kim

    Seikyo Kim

  • Hideomi Kuroiwa

    Hideomi Kuroiwa

  • Shigeo Genda

    Shigeo Genda

  • Kazuhiro Koizumi

    Kazuhiro Koizumi

  • Makoto Kokubu

    Makoto Kokubu

  • Hiroshi Kodama

    Hiroshi Kodama

  • Kenichiro Kobayashi

    Kenichiro Kobayashi

  • Chosei Komatsu

    Chosei Komatsu

  • Hideo Saito

    Hideo Saito

  • Kotaro Sato

    Kotaro Sato

  • Yutaka Sado

    Yutaka Sado

  • Yasuhiko Shiozawa

    Yasuhiko Shiozawa

  • Yasuo Shinozaki

    Yasuo Shinozaki

  • Tatsuya Shimono

    Tatsuya Shimono

  • Ken Takaseki

    Ken Takaseki

  • Shinichi Takata

    Shinichi Takata

  • Yukinori Tezuka

    Yukinori Tezuka

  • Naohiro Totsuka

    Naohiro Totsuka

  • Shinji Toyama

    Shinji Toyama

  • Yuzo Toyama

    Yuzo Toyama

  • Ryusuke Numajiri

    Ryusuke Numajiri

  • Ario Ban

    Ario Ban

  • Tetsuro Ban

    Tetsuro Ban

  • Junichi Hirokami

    Junichi Hirokami

  • Yoshikazu Fukumura

    Yoshikazu Fukumura

  • Tetsuji Honna

    Tetsuji Honna

  • Yutaka Hoshide

    Yutaka Hoshide

  • Yoko Matsuo

    Yoko Matsuo

  • Seiichi Mitsuishi

    Seiichi Mitsuishi

  • Keiko Mitsuhashi

    Keiko Mitsuhashi

  • Hideaki Muro

    Hideaki Muro

  • Chiaki Murakawa

    Chiaki Murakawa

  • Tadashi Mori

    Tadashi Mori

  • Shoji Moroi

    Shoji Moroi

  • Kosaku Yamada

    Kosaku Yamada

  • Shigenobu Yamaoka

    Shigenobu Yamaoka

  • Kazufumi Yamashita

    Kazufumi Yamashita

  • Kazuo Yamada

    Kazuo Yamada

  • Kazuki Yamada

    Kazuki Yamada

  • Hiroshi Wakasugi

    Hiroshi Wakasugi

  • Akeo Watanabe

    Akeo Watanabe

  • Kazumasa Watanabe

    Kazumasa Watanabe


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