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Update on May 14, 2018, Mon

―― How do you describe your menu for The Tokyo Philharmonic 2018-19 season as a whole? What should be the title for it?

A fantastic voyage, maybe: symphonic music is able to bring us in many different countries, to paint for us images and fantastic figures, to have us live emotions and feelings different from the ones we experience in our ordinary daily life. We will travel through many different imaginary landscapes made of very different sounds thanks to the talent of great composers.

―― From Russia you chose Shostakovich and Rimsky=Korsakov, Schubert from Wien, it seems very popular. On the contrary you bring Boito and Zndonai (except Rossini) from Italy, Dukas from France, very rare works. From which reason did you put such a contrast?

To allow our public to get in touch not only with very popular works, but also with unjustly neglected ones worth of its time and attention. I can assure our music friends that these works are going to impress and move them a lot!

―― In the case of opera, you conduct one very popular piece like Turandot, then not so famous one like Iris or coming Mefistofele alternately. Do you have any strong policy for this kind of rotation?

We try to alternate a very popular opera with a rare one in order to give a chance to everybody to discover new aspects in well known works and then to be seduced by masterpieces that never made to enter the standard repertoire but totally deserve a wider audience for the sheer beauty they can offer.

―― On the third season as the chief conductor at the Tokyo PO, how do you evaluate your collaboration until now? And what would you like to improve from now?

We are trying to make of every concert we give together an unforgettable experience, nurturing our relasionship with our public; Tokyo Phil has a very high technical standard, we are trying together to enrich it with warmth, colourfullness, emotional intensity and endless curiosity in the symphonic and operatic repertoire.

―― Could you give a brief message for the audience of Tokyo PO to call them to your concerts?

We are waiting for you to enbark together in another amazing journey through the beauties of music: be sure you have a ticket to join us!

Concerts conducted by Andrea Battistoni

May 31 Thu, 19:00 start
Suntory Hall
June 1 Fri, 19:00 start
Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

Violin: Pavel Berman

Borodin: Polovtsian Dances from Opera "Prince Igor"
Shostakovich: Violin Concerto No.1
Shostakovich: Symphony No.5

Nov 12

Rossini: Overture from Opera "The Italian Girl in Algiers"
Rossini: Overture from Opera "Cinderella"
Rossini: Overture from Opera "The Barber of Seville"
Schubert: Symphony No.8, "The Great"

Nov 16 & 18

Boito: Opera "Mefistofele" (concert style)

Jan 23, 25 & 27, 2019

Dukas: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Zandonai:"Biancaneve" for orchestra
Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade

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