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Updated on July 15, 2020, Wednesday

To all customers who purchased tickets for Weekday Afternoon Concerts

***All Weekday Afternoon Concert ticket holders requested to confirm! (details below)***

We apologize for the inconvenience regarding our concert cancellations and postponements caused by the recent pandemic. These changes were in response to requests from the Cabinet Office and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

As we enter Step 3 of the Tokyo roadmap for mitigating the city's request for self-restraint (less than 1,000 people indoors and half the capacity) on June 19, we are now able to perform our Weekday Afternoon Concert from August.

We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding of the changes and the items listed below.

It is subject to change at the request of the Cabinet Office and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We will announce any changes as necessary.

Change of the performer and program

For the August 4 concert, our Chief Conductor, Andrea Battistoni, who resides in Italy, will not be able to come to Japan because of the unpredictability of travel restrictions. We will change the conductor and the program as below. The performers and program of the October concert will stay the same.

August 4, Tuesday, 2 p.m.
Conductor & Speaker: Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi
Beethoven: Overture from “Egmont”
Beethoven: The 1st movement from Symphony No.5
Beethoven: Symphony No.7

October 14, Wednesday, 2 p.m.
Conductor & Speaker: Kosuke Tsunoda
Violin: Teiko Maehashi

Venue: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

Request for your visit

Reserved seats will be reallocated to all visitors.
We will send you an envelope which should reach you around July 15, Wednesday.

Instead of the seats you have purchased, we will assign you a new seat(s) with empty seats on the front, back, right and left.
Please fill out the form enclosed in the envelope and return it to us with your ticket(s) postmarked by July 20, Monday. Please see the information enclosed in the envelope for details.

Please be sure to read the information about our measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus before coming to the venue. We sincerely appreciate your efforts.

Ticket prices can be refunded for those who will not be present.

Please send us your ticket(s) and the form enclosed in the envelope sent by us, postmarked by August 31, Monday. For details, please see the information enclosed in the envelope.

Support the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra by not requesting a refund:

We have provided in the form your option to consider unspent tickets a donation toward TPOs ability to share your love for classical music.

Since late February, all our concerts have been either cancelled or postponed. As performance fees are almost all the source of our revenue, we are facing a survival crisis. Your passion for supporting the TPO and our dedicated musicians will make a huge difference.

For customers who purchased through a ticket agency, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra will send you a letter with details.

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