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Updated on October 8, 2020, Thursday

[Preventive measures against new coronavirus infection]

On your visit

-To minimize the potential for transmission in standard tear-style tickets, we are sending replacement postcards that should be used for your seat reservations instead. The postcards will also assign seats, as well as your designated arrival time, in accordance with the social distancing plan. Unless there are special circumstances, seats will be allocated with open seats.

-Please fill in your name, address and phone number in advance on the postcard. Contact information for all visitors is required to prevent the spread of infection.

-Please wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and follow proper cough etiquette.

-If you do not wear a mask, our staff will ask you to do so.

-Staff will wear masks and gloves.

-Please take your temperature at home before coming to the event.

-Please refrain from coming to the venue if you are not feeling well or suspect you are infected due to any of the following symptoms:
  - A higher fever
  - Coughing, sore throat
  - Visit to a country/region where the infection continues to spread within the past two weeks

About the venue

-In order to alleviate the congestion at the entrance of the hall, staggered admission/exit will be implemented. Your postcard will show your seat number as well as your designated arrival time. We ask that you do your best to arrive at the designated time, but will accommodate you if you cannot.

-Please show and keep your seat number postcard at the time of admission and then put it in the collection box after the concert. No contact will be made at the time of entrance or exit.

-After the concert, please follow staff guidance so that we can have a staggered exit.

-In the unlikely event that an infected person is found among the visitors, we may contact you in cooperation with the local health center to confirm the route of infection and take countermeasures.

-The postcards will be kept in a safe place and not referenced for any other purpose. They will be burned one month after receipt at the venue.

-Programs and other materials will not be handed out at the venue. Please pick them up from the program area.

-It is not allowed to meet the performers, to request autographs or to deliver items to them.

-If you feel unwell at the venue, please inform the staff immediately.

-Sufficient ventilation is provided in the auditorium.

-We have placed disinfectants in the venue.

-The cloakroom, goods sales at the lobby or water dispensers are not available.

-Please refrain from congregating in the lobby.

-When you use the restroom, please make sure to keep an appropriate distance in a waiting line and to wash your hands thoroughly.

On the stage

We will take every precaution possible and appreciate your cooperation!

-All the performers and staff of the concert must take a temperature check, wash their hands, avoid the "three confinements.”

-The musicians on stage will be placed with as much space as possible to allow for maximum distancing.

-Clear shields (acrylic boards) will be placed between the strings and the wind instruments.

-A special cloth will be used to drain the water from the wind instruments and will be discarded after use.

-The backstage and anterooms will be prepared in accordance with the social distance guidelines as well.

If you have any questions, please contact the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Office at 03-5353-9521 (weekdays 10am-6pm).

◆June subscription concerts back on schedule!
◆To all customers who purchased tickets for Shibuya Afternoon Concerts
◆To all customers who purchased tickets for Weekday Afternoon Concerts
◆To all customers who purchased tickets for Kobaken's "From the New World"

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